Forward plan

The Forward Plan sets out all the key decisions that the Council Cabinet expects to take in the near future. Each Cabinet Member is responsible for a number of services provided by the council which is known as a portfolio. The Forward Plan is separated into each Cabinet Members' portfolio and published monthly.

Key decisions

A key decision is:

  1. Any decision on an Executive function which means the Council will spend or save £250,000 or more on a service or function of the authority
  2. Any decision that is likely to have a significant impact on two or more wards within the city. This means any decision which is likely to have a significant positive or negative impact on the environmental, physical, social or economic conditions of the people living or working in two or more wards. This includes policies, procedures and strategies not included in the budget and policy framework.
  3. Any decision involving a grant or loan more than £25,000 to any voluntary body.